Some Moving Expenses you May Not Have Considered

Posted By on February 19, 2016

Before you get a quote from a moving company for your upcoming move, the A+ Team wish to share some tips  and expenses you may not have considered.

Often when you know your are going to move have to move, the most logical place to begin is by going online to get a few moving quotes. Most companies will offer you a free quote, so it’s great to take advantage of this tool. However, you should keep in mind that these over-the-phone quotes will only give you an approximation of your total moving cost.

In order to get a better idea about how much your move will cost, you should always speak with a representative. Many of the items such as those mentioned below are normally not included in quoting costs unless you directly specify with a customer service representative about them.  I little extra knowledge about your moving expenses can go a long way and even save you money in the end.  Your A+ Team want you to have the tools available to make sure your moving experience is as stress free as possible.

  1. Bulky excessively weighted items
    Movers understand many items may be bulky or excessively heavy, but these items are much more difficult to move and require more work to pack efficiently in the moving trucks.  Items such as home gym equipment, garage items such as generators, lawnmowers, canoes, boats, bicycles, and many household items such as sofas, beds and more can add a lot of bulk and excessive weight to your load.  It is important to decide which items you will be moving and which items you will be discarding.  By using uniform size boxes: small boxes for books, larger boxes for lighter objects, and large garbage bags for soft and unbreakable items. Large garbage bags hold more than boxes can hold and help the movers pack the trucks more efficiently by filling in the upper half of the truck and odd shaped crevices.  This helps to ensure a well packed load and can save you money by allowing the movers to utilize as much space in the trucks as well.
  2. Extra load weight
    Many moving companies base their quote on the weight of your belongings you will be shipping. This means the quote’s accuracy is reliant upon the weight estimate you and your representative determined. When the movers pick up your items and they appear to weigh much more than stated in the quote, the company will often re-weigh the items. This often is done after the items are loaded by the movers driving to a local weigh station and driving on a scale. In most cases this will cause your price to increase depending on how many pounds your weight estimate is lower than the actual weight. It is important if this happens that you request a verified tare weight of the truck before your items were loaded. To avoid this surprise from happening it is also important to account for everything that will be moved more accurately.  A+ Movers and Removers has come up with an online estimating form to help this.  You can find it on our Estimates page.
  3. Stairs and other factors
    Be upfront with your moving company and tell them about stairs located in your complex or home. If you neglect to tell movers that you live on the 5th floor with no elevator access they may charge you as much as $50 to $100 per flight of stairs! This is not considered a “hidden fee,” but it is something you should ask about and be aware of.  Please understand moving companies must pay their employees  by the hour. Certain factors may influence your cost. Please think about any additional special circumstances that might take the movers extra time as well, such as disassembling of large items, difficulty in reaching storage area, low wires overhanging your driveway. Time Deadlines and real estate closings, etc.
  4. Specific window of time 
    If you need your items delivered within a very specific time frame (less than a four hour window), expect the moving company to charge you an extra fee. Again, prior to the work being done, ask about the cost for such a request. Requesting a specific time requires your movers to ensure this time window and often the movers cannot schedule any additional moves around yours.  This requires the moving company to pay for the employees time before and after your scheduled move.  Having as much flexibility in your move will help everyone.
  5. Not tractor-trailer accessible
    If you have a long driveway or if your home sits on a main road with nowhere for a tractor-trailer to park, then the moving company needs to know. The driver will have to accommodate your location and be aware this could result in an extra charge. By finding out more information about how the mover handles these situations is important. For example, some moves actually end up using a shuttle to bring items into/out of your home.  A+ Movers and Removers request their trucks be able to have their ramps 20 feet to the loading / unloading area for maximum efficiency.
  6. Box/crate fees
    When the drivers arrive, make sure you have followed the contract agreement or the company’s directions. If you’re supposed to have an item boxed or crated and it is not, you will be charged for the movers to box or crate the item(s). Crating or professional packing can cost a few hundred dollars extra or more in some cases. Having your items packed and ready to go before the movers arrive will allow your movers to pack the moving truck more quickly and save you money.

Some companies will try to add hidden fees to your bill. Protect yourself by knowing what factors can add to your total cost. Make it your job to ask questions about potential extra charges and know exactly what you will be getting yourself, and your bank account, into!  Your A+ moving specialist wants to make your moving experience as stress free as possible and we are always willing to spend some extra time answering any questions you may have.

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