Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

The A+ Team recommends these basic tips to Save Money & Reduce Stress on moving

Most importantly:

  1. Be as prepared as possible. Know in advance where you will want your belongings placed in your new location and mark them (and the rooms) accordingly.
  2. Use uniform size boxes: small boxes for books, larger boxes for lighter objects (this helps us pack our trucks more efficiently as well).
  3. Use large garbage bags for soft and unbreakable items. They hold more than boxes can hold.
  4. Be present and available during the entire move with clear directions.
  5. Personally move small electronics, valuable documents, and delicate items.
  6. If you’re able, bring boxes up from the basement and down from the upper floor prior to moving day.

Can you help move?

Yes you can help but you are not expect to do more than help direct us. If you do help we ask that you understand a few things:

  • You can’t go on the truck(s) as our insurance will not allow non-employees on company trucks.
  • Our crews carry furniture only with other crew members (We train all employees on proper lifting).
  • Finally, if you help with any part of the move, we are excluded from liability, per our contract.

Better moving and cost savings involves intricate planning:

  • Have everything packed before we arrive. We recommend using wardrobe boxes for your clothing (one wardrobe box can hold up to 2 feet of closet space.) We’ll be happy to bring the boxes with us on the day of your move and simply shift your clothing from closet to box. If your dresser drawers are completely removable, you can leave them packed.  We can shrink wrap contents complete.  If you want help with packing, give us a call at (929)2-move-01 (266-8301)
  • Don’t over-stuff or under-stuff your boxes. When they close, they should be flat and firm.
  • Tape your boxes well (never rely on the flaps to hold them shut). We have put a special tips together specifically on Packing and Moving Boxes to better assist your move.
  • Don’t pack delicate or irreplaceable items, valuable documents, jewelry, or money in any of the boxes we’ll be moving. For everyone’s protection, we ask that you move these sensitive items on your own.
  • Label and color code your boxes and furniture. Our A+ Team needs to know where you want your items placed at your new location and you’ll probably want to know what’s in each box once you’ve moved. To help us move you as quickly and efficiently as possible, we recommend placing colored stickers (one color for each room) on each item you’re moving and on the door of the room to which that item is going. To help you after we’ve left, we recommend labeling your boxes so you know what’s in them.
  • Help direct our crews. By placing yourself by the door so you can point our A+ Team in the right direction. Always be as cheerful as you can. Moving is heavy work and a smiling face makes it easier for our moving team.
  • Let us do our job. Moving is what we do, and that means we know what needs to happen to transport your goods safely and most cost-efficiently. We know what items to load on our trucks, and in which order. We know how to secure your property during transport. We know when bringing in an extra A+ Team member (or more) will make the job less costly in the long run. In other words, we know what we’re doing and when we’re free to get on with it, your move will go more smoothly and happily.
  • Small electronics are best placed in the back seat of your car.
  • If you plan to move items of rare and/or unusual value (such as antiques or unique pieces), be sure to notify us in advance of your move date. We are always very careful with your goods, but we want to make sure you’re as protected as possible. You may also wish to check with your homeowners insurance, since you might already have coverage for these items.
  • Pack the necessities you will need. Once we have left, you’ll need a few items to make your first few days in your new place as comfortable as possible. Some suggestions:
    1. any prescription medications needed
    2. checkbook/credit cards
    3. spare keys
    4. USB back ups of your computer important files
    5. bedding
    6. hygiene, toiletries, towels
    7. paper plates, napkins, toilet paper, soap, and utensils.

When you book a move with us just ask and we will send you a full packet of tips and information that will help your moving experience go smoothly.  We also have additional resources from the FMCSA HERE.

Give us a call today:(929)2-move-01 (266-8301)