Before your possessions are packed and loaded, it is important that you understand which items cannot be transported (Non-Allowables) by us because they may be perishable or they are deemed to represent a hazard by law.  Unfortunately, many Non-Allowables are common items you may have under your sinks, in your basement, your garage, or a storage shed.  So please read through this helpful information carefully.

Hazardous Materials:

These include items that are flammable or corrosive, such as explosives, ammunition, fireworks, medical products, alcohol, peroxide, syringes, and bio-medical wastes. The A+ Moving team is also prohibited from transporting Sterno, matches, aerosols, chemistry sets, kerosene, lamp oil, gasoline, brake fluid motor oil, and pool chemicals. In addition we are prohibited from transporting fertilizer, pesticides, weed killer, propane, propane tanks, fuel tanks, nail polish remover, acetone, paint removers, paint thinner, or any paint (including latex, polyurethane oil, or acrylic, including artists’ paints). Please identify all of these non-Allowable items and make us aware of them prior to your move. In some cases we may be able to remove these Non-Allowables under our removal process for an additional fee.


Perishables include foods, plants, or anything living that may die or spoil in transit. Examples include frozen food, refrigerated food, produce, canned or packaged goods that may leak or break in transit, seedlings, plants, or outside balled plants. In some cases however we can make exceptions for your plants and other perishable items. Please refer to our Moving Plants page for valuable information. We also offer removal services for all of your non-allowable perishables that you may want to discard.


Pets include any and all types of pets, such as ant farms, fish, turtles gerbils, etc. We cannot jeopardize the safety of your pets or merchandise by accepting any pets. Please make arrangements prior to moving. Please see our Moving with Pets page for valuable information.

Washer and Dryers:

These cannot be shipped with clothing or water in them.

Information Regarding your Refrigerator and Freezer:

The A+ Moving team recommends you empty your refrigerator and freezer 24 hours in advance of your move, especially if you are going to have these stored for any period of time. Keep the door open to to allow the appliances to air dry which will prevent mold. If you will be setting up your new household immediately (within hours of departing from your “moving from” address) you may pack frozen food into a leak proof cooler. Please tell your A+ Moving Specialist and A+ Moving team that you will need to reconnect the freezer and refrigerator as soon as possible so they can load them last and unload them first. With this option, we are excluded for all liability if your food thaws or the cooler or freezer leaks into your load.

How to Transport “Non-Allowable” Items to your New Location?

By law, our A+ Team of movers are not authorized to come into contact with the above Hazardous Materials, but they will be happy to help you place the other Non-Allowable items in your car or in the back of your truck if you elect to move them yourself.  For more information you may speak with one of our A+ moving specialists or contact us via E-mail about any questions or concerns you may have.

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