Packing Computer

How to Pack Computers When You Move

The A+ Team recommends these tips to ensure your computer (and all those cables) are packed correctly come moving day.

Labeling and organizing your computer cords

Tip: When packing your computer make sure to color-code your computer wires and use your cell phone camera to document the process before your move.  

Make sure to get materials you will need

Visit your local office supply store and purchase colored dot stickers and colored Velcro cord wraps.  We make sure to carry much of your moving needs and may have supplies available as well, you may also call us(929)2-move-01 (266-8301)

Label and take pictures before you unplug

  • Neatly wrap each wire with a different color cord sticker BEFORE you unplug the computer wires.
  • Label each corresponding input with a colored dot.
  • Match the color of the sticker wrapped around the cord to the color of the input dot.
  • Photograph BEFORE you unplug.

Unplugging your computer

After you have attached colored labels and taken pictures  of your cords and inputs, properly shut down your computer. Then unplug all of your cords from all inputs.

Organizing the computer cords

Before packing up a cords, place a Velcro colored wrap around one end of the cord. Use the same color Velcro wrap as the dot sticker already placed on the cord. Then gently and loosely wrap the cord in a circle around your hand. Once you have wrapped it, secure it with the Velcro wrap. Using Velcro cord wraps will better secure your cords during your move as well as prevent them from tangling.

Packing your computer
Packing your computer into one box will help ensure to keep it safe and undamaged.

Use the right box

We recommend you use a dishpak box to securely pack your computer. Dishpak boxes are specially designed to handle and protect fragile items and can be purchased from us.  You also will need lots of newsprint paper, bubble wrap and packing tape.  (For a price list of our boxes see our Material Price List Page).


Put the box together. Use packing tape to double- tape on the bottom of the box over the opening and across the middle as well as each end. By double-taping the perimeters of the box it will add  extra support.

Add Padding

After taping the box properly, make sure to pack the bottom of the box with crumpled newsprint paper for padding.


Always pack your heaviest items first, and use plenty of bubble wrap or newsprint if you don’t have any bubbly wrap.

  • To wrap a computer tower and monitor:
  • Place bubble wrap on a flat surface with the pop side facing up.
  • Place your computer tower standing upright on top of the bubble wrap. Pull the wrap over and tape it all together.
  • Repeat with the tower by placing it on its side. Pull the bubble wrap over the sides and tape. Keep taping until the wrap is securely tight to the tower and on all sides so the tower is completely covered. Place it upright, vertically in the box.
  • Lay more bubble wrap on the flat surface with the pop side facing up and place your monitor on top. Wrap and tape the entire monitor in bubble wrap. Then place it vertically in the box next to the computer tower.

Before packing your keyboard, mouse and speakers, stuff packing paper in open spaces between the tower and monitor to ensure they cannot shift. Pack some paper on top for extra cushion.

Pack accessories

Now wrap your keyboard and mouse by rolling them in nwsprint paper and place them in the top of the box.

Then wrap up your carefully wrapped and color-coded computer wires by also wrapping them in the packing paper. Tape the paper around the wires to secure them and place them at the very top of the box. Fill the rest of the box with crumpled packing paper. Label the wrapped-up items with a marking pen: “cords,” “mouse,” etc. so they don’t get mistaken for the crumpled-up packing paper.

Tape and label

Tape the box shut by double-taping over the opening and across the middle. Remember to double-tape along the top, middle and bottom perimeter of the box for extra security. Label the box with the contents and the room where the computer should go. Make sure to mark FRAGILE on all sides of the box.

*Please see our Money Saving Tips Page on further ideas and suggestions for Labeling and color coding your boxes and furniture.

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