Packing Lamps

Packing Lamps When You Move

While packing for your upcoming move, you will come across objects that require special care and packing techniques such as lamps and other odd shape items.  Lamps and their delicate shades require a lot of special attention. Despite their odd shape and delicate nature, packing a lamp can be is easier than it looks.

Moving supplies you’ll need for packing lamps. See our Moving Supplies for prices.

• Separate boxes for the lamp and lamp shades

•  newsprint, tissue paper, or bubble wrap

• Packing tape

• Marker

Unplug the lamp and wrap the base

First and foremost is the obvious first step of unplugging your lamp. The cord of your lamp can be quite long and unplugging a lamp or other small appliance can be overlooked.  Once unplugged, remove the light bulb, halo and shade from the lamp. Carefully wrap the light bulb and harp in newsprint, then label it and tape it on the inside of the box that will contain the lamp.

Wrap the cord around the base of the lamp and tuck it in itself. Wrap the lamp base in newsprint, and secure it by taping the newsprint without taping the lamp itself.

Fill extra space in the moving box and label it “Fragile”

Next, place some crumpled newsprint for padding into the bottom of the carton and place the lamp in it.  It is important that you just don’t lay the lamp in the bottom of the box without any padding.  If there is room, you can place another lamp in the box.

Use crumpled newsprint, tissue paper or bubble wrap to fill the extra space so the lamps will not shift during the move. Once finished, label “Fragile” on all sides of the box and include what is in the box, along with the room it will be placed in your new home. This will make unpacking much easier.

Pack the lamp shade

To pack the lamp shade, use a carton that will fit your shade and completely line it with newsprint. Carefully set the lampshade in the box and fold newsprint over the shade. Add any necessary lightly crumpled newsprint to keep the lamp shade from shifting during transit.

If you have more than one shade to pack, do the same for each and nest the shades for more security. The lamp shade should be packed separately from the lamp base and other items, and labeled to tell the driver which end is up.

*Please see our Money Saving Tips Page on further ideas and suggestions for Labeling and color coding your boxes and furniture.

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