Warehouse Storage

Warehouse Storage

Our A+ team knows your items are valuable to you, we take every precaution to ensure a secure, storage facility where your goods will be protected and safe.
Our warehouse (located in New Hampshire) is:

  • climate controlled
  • pest free
  • sprinkler-protected
  • security fenced premise
  • Private and secure

Our A+ Team inventories the pieces to be stored and  will always give you a copy of the list for safe keeping. We have the ability to pack your belongings in crates dedicated solely for your goods for prolonged storage. Your name is clearly marked on each crate before putting it in storage. Items larger than our crates (such as some sofas, for example) go where each piece is covered with protective wrapping, and clearly marked with your name.

Our warehouse storage fees depend on the number of boxes, crates, or belongings which are involved and any extra storage space that is used. Our prolonged storage is billed on a monthly basis.

Secured Warehouse Storage Facility

Affiliated with many Secured Storage Facilities in New Hampshire.

We are also happy to place your goods in a storage facility of your choice and have partnerships with several  warehouse and storage facilities in the New Hampshire area.

We also offer overnight Truck Storage in our trucks for short term use.

We currently charge:
$150 per truck per night (as of 01/2016)
Please understand our trucks are used daily in our business and we only offer storage in our trucks upon availability only. For storage needs longer than 5 days we recommend our warehouse or public storage facilities.