Moving Boxes

Selecting the Right Moving Boxes for the Right Purpose

Selecting  the right type of moving boxes to protect your belongings is very important.  The correct boxes and supplies will eliminate wasting time and assist you in maintaining piece of  mind while you’re preparing to make your move. Using the right boxes will properly protect all of your belongings as well.

How do you know what boxes you will need for all of your belongings?  The A+ team has come up with these tips on selecting and descriptions of  the many boxes we have available for your next move.  You may see our Material Price List Page for a list of our prices.

Dish Pack Box
This corrugated box is good for fragile items, such as dishes, glasses or vases. It can also be used for larger fragile items like computer equipment and other electronics.  For helpful tips about packing your computer see our Packing Computer Page. The Size of a Dish Pack Box is: 18-by-18-by-27 inches; 5.1 cubic feet.

Book Box
Pack away small items, books and magazines in this type of box. The Size of a Book Box is: 16 3/8-by-12 5/8-by-12 5/8 inches; 1 1/2 cubic feet.

Medium box
Stow your toys, clothes and shoes in this size of box.  The Size of most Medium boxes is: 18 1/8-by-18-by-16 inches; 3 cubic feet.

Linen Box
Just as the name states, this is the ideal box for bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets and towels.  The Size of a Linen Box is: 18-by-18-by-24 inches; 4 1/2 cubic feet.  It is very similar in size to a Dish Pack Box but not nearly as reinforced nor expensive.

Large Box
There are always those large items that do not seem to fit into most boxes. A large box is ideal for those items. Do not use it to hold heavy items as these boxes are not as strong as Dish Pack Boxes. The Size of a Large Box is: 24-by-18-by-24 inches; 6 cubic feet.

Lamp Box
There are special Lamp Boxes available for those odd sized lamps that will not fit into a uniform sized box.  From table lamps to floor lamps, no matter the size, these special Lamp boxes will do the trick. The Size of a Lamp Box is: 12-by-12-by-40 inches; 3.3 cubic feet.

King/queen mattress Box
This is a special box for mattresses and box springs. It’s adjustable to fit queen and king mattresses.  It is recommended for large distance moves to ensure your mattresses will not be damaged when a mattress bag will not be enough.

Mirror/Picture Box
This corrugated box is made for packing pictures or mirrors. The Size of a Mirror/Picture Box is: 4-by-37-by-61 inches but there are also several other custom sizes.

A Wardrobe box is unique as it  comes with hang bars for dresses, coats and jackets. It is ideal for your clothes that require special attention in moving.  Make sure to mark the box with an arrow and label the top so you or your movers will place it in the moving truck properly. The Size of a Wardrobe box is: 20-by-19 3/4-by-45 3/4 inches; 10 cubic feet.

The A+ team hope these explanations of boxes and tips will help your move be more successful come your next moving experience.

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